New Friends!

I decided to keep 4 of the baby snails. I named then Droplet Jr., Daffodil Jr., Tam Jr., and Lily.

They are super cute!

I actually rescued Lily from outside. She was in the outside tank—remember how there were lots of baby snails who hatched there?—and she hid under the lip of the tank, where I couldn’t find her. She stayed there for a long time, probably about a month, and then I found her in a spiderweb. There were two other babies near there, but they had passed away.

I’m really happy that I rescued her.


Bad, Bad, Bad News

On 9/3/2019, I put my snails out in their outside tank just like usual. Everyone was fine.

But then it got hot. Really hot.

Too hot, actually, for the snails.

And three of them passed away.

Their names were Droplet, Daffodil, and Tam.

I had no idea that it would get too hot for them, or that I didn’t have enough shady places for them, or that some of the snails were too weak to move into the shade.

Goodbye snails, I hope you had good lives.

The Snails Laid Eggs AGAIN!

Buddy Jr.

(This is not one of my current babies)

Yep. In the outside tank, again. I put them in the baby snail tank.

I’m a little frustrated, but then again, when they lay eggs, it means they’re happy, and when they lay them in the outside tank, it means they think it’s safe there, and a good place for their babies to live.

So I’m happy, but frustrated.

Oh no, more baby snails?!

But then again, more baby snails! Aww! 🐌🐌🐌🐌

Tabi Went Deaf?!

Tabi, my eleven year old dog, is a heart and kidney patient.

But we didn’t expect her to go deaf!

She had a minor ear infection, and the medicine the vet gave her has the number one side affect of going deaf, which is rare, but can happen.

Unfortunately, the vet forgot to tell us that it could make Tabi deaf.

And it did.

The stuff in the medicine, as it turns out, can kill the hairs in her ears that help her hear.

We went to the vet and they cleaned out her ears as much as possible, since they can’t do it under anesthesia and clean her ears out better, because it would really hurt her kidneys, and we waited to see if she would regain some of her hearing.

And surprisingly, she did!!!!

Tabi can now hear about a third of what she would normally hear, but she may regain more hearing.

I’ll let you know if this situation changes.

She is way happier, and so am I. I am so glad that she was able to regain some of her hearing.